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15 December 2016

Hello my beauties,

I know it has been a very very long time since I last posted anything on here, too long I dare say! I have to say I have missed writing and expressing my thoughts and views and also answering any questions you have.

Before I get back to my blogging again I just went to say hello and ask how you all are?

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I will be undergoing some changes here

Thank you for reading xx

August Monthly Favourites

30 August 2014

Favourites time again! I probably say that every month haha
End of the month and also an end to the summer, well in UK at least judging by the cold weather that has already us, although I am looking forward to my cosy jumpers ha ha!

I have spoke  a lot about this so obviously it had to crop up in my monthly favourites!! You've guessed it my bourjois bronzing primer, which I have done a review on my previous post.


I have been running out of my cleanser and didn't want to buy a new one but rather use up old cleansers. The Una brennan at first I really didn't like it but I thought let me just use it- OMG! It is soooo goood! Like what was wrong with me! It brightens and really cleans my skin!

In the mornings I don't really like to use a cleanser as I have used it night before, but I've been quite liking using Garnier face wash and mask but as a wash. I mix the product with water and apply on my face and rise off as a quick was. Would use this everyday though.

Next although I really like my soap and glory archery it has come to an end, the felt tip side anyway, and I wanted something lighter, collection eyebrow has been wonderful, and its so cheap, I have the colour taupe, highly recommend!
Obviously I have a lot of love for my Mac lipstick, and this super pretty sheer nude pink colour is right up my street, Mac Patisserie.
Left- Mac Patissierie// Collection Taupe

End this post with one of my recent but not unheard of product, Bobbi brown Foundation stick a full coverage but natural looking foundation, which i have been using a lot a lot! And also have carried with me everywhere. Its just very convenient, I use it as a concealer, foundation!

What have you been loving? X

Thanks for reading dolls, 


Style a stripey maxi for summer

27 August 2014

A key to summer would be to wear bright and vibrant but keep the makeup natural!

Bourjois Bronzing primer Review

24 August 2014

I'm sure you have heard me using this bronzer a lot, as I have mentioned it again and again. I cam across this product after I saw the Chanel sole tan I think it's called, in the beauty world. I was speaking to my friend about the Chanel one and she told me to try this.

I tried it and I absolutely love it! Another Bourjois product that has made me happy, I do really like Bourjois :)

I guess it's very similar to the Chanel sole tan as I think Bourjois and Chanel are both made in the same factory or they're sister companies, Something like that anyway!

The Bourjois bronzing primer is a thick moose texture, similar to that of Maybelline dream moose foundation in that pot. The Chanel one I would say is a cream. I like to apply it with a stippling brush, as I do with cream blushers and it blends really nicely to give a semi powdery finish without looking powdery. The colour is in between orange and brown, so a very nice natural bronzing shade but not really for contouring I would say.

I am so glad I didn't buy the Chanel one which is quite expensive compared to this which is under a tenner! Glad to have not made that splurge and in stead can spend that money towards something else.

You can use this on it's own with no foundation, just a bit of bronzed look, under foundation as a primer, on top of your foundation. I prefer to use it on top, although if I do use it underneath my foundation as a base I often go over it with powder once I have applied my foundation! And it lasts all day..

Would you like any other reviews of any products I have mentioned in any of my posts comment away :)

Thanks for reading dolls, 


Evening wear- summer edition

20 August 2014

Keeping to the summer theme by wearing this floral top but jazzing it up by jewellery, black leather style clutch and these snazzy heels. All though its evening its usually warm so stick to a kimono!